Dr Padmaja provides a wonderful service as a professional Trichologist

We are very lucky to have her in Chch! I have just started using her service after developing the first stages of hair thinning (female pattern baldness). I love the holistic approach to hair growth and health, which rightly promotes total body health from the inside out. The hair products she offers are top quality, and the laser sessions are very relaxing and therapeutic. She is your “one-stop shop” for any hair and scalp issues. It’s too early for me personally to start seeing results as I have only just begun my treatment (and it will be a few months before the new growth becomes obvious) but my hair is already in much better condition and feels so much better thanks to her advice and the personally tailored plan she prepared for me during the initial consultation. There is no comparable service offered in Chch (and probably not even in NZ), so take advantage! 🙂

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