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Female Pattern Baldness

Major reasons to cause female pattern baldness relates to underlying health issues. This kind of hair loss causes during puberty, post-partum, menopause, hysterectomy or intake of long-term contraceptive pills and stress. The signs one can see are thinning of hair on the crown areas. Without shedding hair women can see visible scalp along with hair growth on unwanted parts of the body such as on arms or legs. As soon as, one can see signs of balding that means 50% of hair loss has already taken place.

Hair Thinning Signs —

  1. Scalp visibility in the center or crown area
  2. Postpartum hair thinning
  3. Sudden scalp visibility after operation or illness
  4. Pain at root of hair or while turning hair 
  5. Oily or sticky  scalp 
  6. shorter/finer hair
  7. Burning sensation at top

Development of genetic hair loss could happen due to following factors :

  • Genetic factor –  Genetically predisposed women suffer from hair loss at the time of menopause or after hysterectomy. Change in a sex hormone give rise to male sex hormone and triggers hair thinning.
  • Consumption of Contraceptive pills –  Consistent consumption of long term contraceptive pills leads to hormonal imbalance and triggers female pattern thinning in genetically predisposed women.
  • Heavy Medication – taking steroids for muscle building , growth hormone supplements, whey protein isolates.
  • Stressful lifestyle –  using harsh chemicals, frequent hair wash with strong shampoo, not having a healthy eating pattern can lead to heavy hair fall and lastly could cause hair thinning.

It is very important to seek treatment as early as possible to control further hair loss. Main aim of treatment is to reduce influence of male sex hormones on hair follicles and to reduce hair follicle inflammation. 

Microscopic analysis helps to diagnose the correct stage of hair loss and miniaturization of hair follicles. After thorough analysis trichologist Dr.Padmaja will advise a personalised internal and external treatment programme which includes vitamin cyclical remedies, anti-dht products and low level laser therapy to stimulate miniaturized hair follicles. However, First consultation will help to guide the correct line of treatment according to your health issues.