Fashion and how it’s affecting your hair!

Fashion takes toll on our hair and scalp. For some fashionistas it is bound to go through lot of chemical treatments, harsh lights and work pressure🙆

As our hair doesn’t have any sensory nerves, it’s a dead tissue that can’t speak. However shows the signs in the form of damaged, dry, brittle hair or irritated scalp condition.

Having a healthy hair regime definitely makes a good impact on overall hair health!!

Modern lifestyle have taken a big toll on us in today’s world. Busy life, limited time, compromises, commuting problems and this list just goes on🙇🏻‍♀️

Eating fast food or unhealthy food at improper time disturbs the body cycle.

This is the right time to make right choices for your body…so follow this saying “Health is Wealth”So don’t avoid fashion but adopt a good hair care habit and if necessary take advice as possible👩🏻‍⚕️

For any queries about hair and scalp issues contact Trichologist Dr.Padmaja…make us a part of your hair journey!

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