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Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata – This type of hair loss occurs due to autoimmune reaction in the body, where cells of the body fight with each other.  Alopecia Areata is very common all over the world, in which a person finds hair loss in patches on the scalp, face or other part of the body. 

Mostly, people who develop more patches of hair loss feel low in self-esteem and get very stressed. 

Alopecia Areata signs – 

  • Burning or itchy sensation before hair loss
  • Increased bald patches followed by hair loss from eyelash or eyebrows or beard
  • Hair shedding just by touch or after combing or after shower

Usually Alopecia Areata patch can be seen as a small patch. If not treated earlier, Alopecia Areata progresses to Alopecia Totalis (whole scalp hair undergoes hair loss) and further to Alopecia Universalis (Major causes of Alopecia Areata are genetic disposition of autoimmune disorders, unexpected stress or sudden shock, Vit D deficiency, viral infections or harsh chemicals on hair & scalp. Each and every individual personality is different, so treatment plans could differ according to case history. 

Few risk factors to cause Alopecia Areata are – 

  • Chemical Hair treatments – Using harsh chemicals on hair such as shampoo, hair colours or chemical treatments on hair in the form of perming, straightening etc.
  • Vaccination – especially in young kids after having vaccine dose 
  • Vit D deficiency – low level of vit D deficiency is at high risk of having alopecia areata
  • Viral infection
  • genetic  factor – If one of the parents has a history of alopecia then you are at high risk of having too. Having a family history of Alopecia increases the high risk chance for you too.

Alopecia Treatment at Hairmantra Hair and Scalp Clinic includes- 

  • Detailed case history followed by microscopic analysis and digital analysis to know hair follicle status
  • Recommendation of dietary change to boost immunity
  • Amino acid supplements along with some nutrition boost supplements if required
  • External organic products 
  • Frequent follow ups may be required to keep an eye to follow the response of treatment.
  • Healthy lifestyle approach suggestions will be given for long term to follow
  • Destressing activities will play major role to control further flare of patches

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