Male Pattern Thinning

Control or Cure?

Some people get healthy beautiful hair by birth or some achieve with lot of care and introducing healthy hair habits. Androgen hormones play very important role to cause male pattern baldness. In some men hairline starts receding or in some scalp gets visible from vertex i.e. top of the head. Physical or mental stress has strong impact on hair.

There are a lot of treatments available in the industry nowadays, it is wise and helpful to get honest results and opinion to maintain the state of hair. Early detection helps Trichologist to advise one on one treatment. It is important to understand and educate to know the exact process. Reversible hair fall can be cured, however irreversible hair fall only get controlled!!!

Lets talk about Male Pattern Hair loss- The first thing comes in mind, why does it starts? Well, the possible answer is Hormone. Yes, Di-hydrotestesterone (DHT) is the main causative factor to cause thinning of the hair. The hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT gets attacked and the miniaturisation of hair follicles begins. Triggering factors to cause sensitivity to DHT are physical or mental stress!! So yes, you can blame to your genes and stress:)

Previously it have been observed that Male Pattern thinning used start after age of 40, however change and advanced lifestyle contributed earlier onset from age of 18.

As soon as you observed the thinning that means problem have taken initiative. Treatment for thinning varies from person to person, there is no concept of one size fits all!!

Teenagers feels difficult to get girlfriends if they start balding ( that’s what I heard:)), some boys get conscious to make public appearance and some opt for short term solutions or spend heaps to achieve self desired hair.

If you know the correct cause and solution from your hair expert that will help you to make aware about control or cure of Male pattern thinning!

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