Scalp Psoriasis

It is an autoimmune chronic disorder which can be seen as scaling, flaking with intense itching that aggravates during winter. In advanced stages the rest of the body gets affected such as elbows, knees etc. 

Early detection of psoriasis is important to tackle the situation. Psoriasis person could become anti-social due to embarrassment , and might suffer from sexual relation issues too. 

Clinical features of Psoriasis – 

  • Dry scales see behind ears, hairline and nape of the neck
  • Constant irritation on scalp
  • Sun exposure cause burning sensation on scalp
  • Dry patches could bleed at advanced stage
  • Sometimes skin and other parts of the body get involved too

Major Causative factors to get psoriasis are –

  • Any acute illness
  • Emotional or mental trauma for long term
  • Family history of autoimmune diseases
  • Scalp injury or accident

Main aim of treatment is to control further flare up along with some lifestyle changes.

Treatment includes –

  • internal supplements and external applications for affected areas depend upon the flare up. 
  • Keeping hydrated is very important to eliminate toxins from the body. 
  • Balanced diet is very essential
  • No chemical treatments on hair or no hair colour application 
  • No processed food or any meat intake till psoriasis heal