Weather-Proof your crowning glory this winter


Yeah, the South Island is currently witnessing chilly winter days since beginning of July….isn’t it?

All blankets, thick jackets, scarves and gloves are out of the cupboard!!! 

Winter generally brings a lot of dryness and dullness around us for example a dry skin, dry lips and dry frizzy hair too.

Some experience aggravation of hair and scalp issues due to dryness, as winter-cold snatches moisture from the body, worsening the existing condition.

Following are common winter hair and scalp problems, I came across – 

Dandruff : Some people notice increase dandruff all over the scalp. This further results in itchy, flaky and irritating scalp or in extreme cases bleeding caused from scalp.

Split Ends : Hair strands get very brittle and fragile due to dryness in atmosphere. They break easily during this stage. Those who frequently use straighteners or hot tools for hair, suffer generally more from split ends.

Hairfall : Those who ignore above signs and symptoms will likely experience increase hair fall during winter. In such a cases it is better to take advice and timely help from a Trichologist before it gets worse.

Here are few do and don’t to weatherproof your hair and scalp during winter season :

  • Take out your favourite beanie. Wearing a beanie with satin lining helps to balance hair moisture and avoid further dryness too.
  • Don’t keep wet hair for longtime. 
  • Don’t use towel to dry wet-hair as it would cause unnecessary hair fall and hair breakage
  • Use cold air rather than hot air option on a blow-dryer
  • Don’t comb wet hair
  • Get regular hair trim to avoid split ends
  • Regularly massage scalp with oil to provide moisture. Any oil such as coconut, almond or olive oil will provide strength to hair follicles as well as the scalp.
  • Cautiously use heat styling tools
  • Regularly conditioned hair using a deep conditioning mask to provide shine and life to dry hair ends
  • Seek advice from your Trichologist if necessary, your hair doctor will determine the correct hair and scalp routine. 

Who doesn’t notice a good bouncy hair!

Let’s make this winter your hair and scalp healthy as much as possible.

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Dr.Padmaja Certified Trichologist IAT