Hair Shaft Problems

Hair shaft issues mostly occur due to external factors – such as harsh combing, brushing, using hot products on hair, UV exposure for a long time, chemical damage on hair. 

Microscopic analysis helps to find out the exact cause and helps to differentiate from genetic factors. There is no treatment for genetic hair strand issues like Pili annulati, Monilethrix, Trichothiodystrophy. Looking after hair externally helps to maintain and control hair texture on a day to day basis.

Hyperthyroid or hypothyroid could make hair strands very dry and brittle. Hair could break very easily in this situation. Hence, it is important to look after hair externally such as 

  • wearing a cap or scarf to protect hair strands from harmful UV rays.
  • Using wooden comb for detangling
  • Deep conditioners to moisturise hair shafts
  • Satin pillow cases to avoid hair friction and protect hair from breakage
  • Not using hair straighteners or hot hair blow dryers frequently
  • Avoiding hot water or hot oil on hair 

At Hairmantra Trichology, microscopic analysis guides to understand hair issues, it will help to know if cuticles are open or close to guide further lines of treatment.