Scarring Alopecia

 Scarring Alopecia is an inflammatory hair loss, also known as Cicatricial Alopecia. This alopecia results in small or large bald patches due to hair follicle destruction. In many cases it has been seen that the onset of Scarring Alopecia starts with Non-scarring alopecia and it progresses to irreversible permanent baldness. 

Any healthy person could suffer from scarring alopecia. Pseudopelade affects specially women between age group 40 to 60. 

Causes of scarring alopecia include – 

  • excessive usage of hot comb, 
  • prolonged traction on hair, 
  • inflammation, injury, burns, 
  • tumours, destruction of hair follicle stem cells. 

As hair regrowth is not possible in this type, the main focus of treatment is to cover bald patches by using wigs and treating underlying inflammation. Eagerly, I insist people to get treatment at a non-scarring stage that is Alopecia areata to prevent further damage.People who suffer from scarring alopecia go through a lot of mental stress especially women as regrowth at the further stage is not possible.

Early detection of Scarring alopecia helps to get quicker hair growth. As a trichologist, amino acid plays an important part of treatment along with external products to reduce scalp inflammation.