Chemotherapy induced hair loss

One of the important psychological trauma after chemotherapy is a hair loss.

This hair loss totally depends upon a dose and type of medication given during chemotherapy. Hair loss could happen from the face, head, eyebrows, eyelash or any part of the body. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid hair loss during chemotherapy sessions. During chemotherapy all hair cells go into a hiding phase where they wont get enough nutrition to survive, that’s why they remain in this phase until treatment completes.

Hair structure after Chemotherapy looks like- 

  • Very thin
  • Brittle or fragile
  • Diffuse hair growth all over scalp
  • Scalp pigmentation observed at times

One can get thicker and healthier hair after chemotherapy as quick as within 4-5 months.

If you or any of you know people who have suffered from radiation therapy or chemotherapy please be advised to seek guidance as quickly as they can.

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