The recommended treatments from Hairmantra are ‘Many’ and ‘Varied’.

I have been under the kind, caring and knowledgeable care of Dr Padmaja for almost a year now and can honestly recommend her and her treatments very highly. I sought her services out for significant hair thinning, after trying to find an answer to the cause, seeking advice from a specialist, GP, and many natural health practitioners and not having a holistic view of my hair health and the most effective way to reverse the problem. The medical approach was to prescribe me high dose hormones or Regaine and check for low thyroid/iron etc, not taking into account other parts of the hair loss puzzle. My trigger moment was when someone in the hair business recommended a hair piece or wig – I am very stubborn and just did not want to give up on myself/my hair, and wanted to actually fix the problem/s which were manifesting in my hair loss. The recommended treatments from Hairmantra are many and varied and include recommendations for my diet, vitamin/mineral supplement and increased water intake (to feed the hair), high quality products for hair and scalp care, scalp massage, and laser hair treatments, along with recommendations for stress reduction etc. So a very holistic approach. After almost a year we have seen a great improvement, I feel hopeful now after it being a huge source of stress, anxiety and fear for me. Don’t put off seeking help if you are losing hair, there can be things that can help.