Kia Ora, 

I am a proud kiwi Mumprenuer who is begining her new journey through Hairmantra Hair & Scalp Clinic.

At Hairmantra Hair & Scalp Clinic, I believe that –

Hair is one of the common part of the body that mostly ignored by many; however just like any other health issues, hair issues can be diagnosed and treated. I found in my experience, hair shedding is a sign of health issue and hair acts as a barometer of body and indicates what’s happening inside the body!

I am a Certified Trichologist and member of International Association of Trichologist (IAT), Australia. I have worked as a hair and scalp specialist  in one of the popular Trichology Clinic in India and have around a decade of experience.

The origin of Hairmantra Hair and Scalp Clinic sparked within me when I became mum and was going through postpartum hair fall, a trauma like experience! On one hand I felt that I have a wonderful creation, Rayansh, my gorgeous son and on other hand, drama of my body. Hair shedding everyday was very daunting and it almost felt like I am losing confidence slowly. Despite being an expert, it took me a while to feel confident and gain control over my hair.  At that moment, I decided, I will share my experience and knowledge with eveyone and assist them towards a healthy hair journey. 

Whilst there is a vast information available on hair and scalp disorders, it can create confusion to understand and identify the correct problem and potential remedy. Well, I am here to guide you with honest and true opinion to learn about those issues and take small step towards getting the healthy hair. I belive that every individual is different and the results and treatment will vary according to individual personality.