“Hair is one of the common part of the body that mostly gets ignored by many; however just like any other health issue, hair issues can be diagnosed and treated. I found in my experience, hair shedding is a sign of health issues and hair acts as a barometer of the body and indicates what’s happening inside the body!”

- Dr. Padmaja
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HANNAH, NAPIER35 y/o Female, Napier

Pad at Hairmantra Clinic is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and very caring. Her service is excellent even across the country. She takes the time to help you and provide the best possible treatment plan. She understands that people need affordable options and does her best to give you those

MARAMA28 y.o Female, Christchurch

Hair loss is scary for everyone. I think particularly as a women experiencing this, it can be very overwhelming. There are a lot of "miracle " cures out there that only end up draining your wallet. I tried a lot of them before coming to Padmaja.From the moment I walked in the door her kindly, professional demeanor put me at ease.

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Some people get healthy beautiful hair by birth or some achieve with lot of care and introducing healthy hair habits. Androgen hormones play very important role to cause male pattern baldness. In some men hairline starts receding or in some scalp gets visible from vertex i.e. top of the head. Physical or mental stress has strong impact on hair.

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Fashion and how it’s affecting your hair!

Fashion takes toll on our hair and scalp. For some fashionistas it is bound to go through lot of chemical treatments, harsh lights and work pressure
As our hair doesn’t have any sensory nerves, it’s a dead tissue that can’t speak. However shows the signs in the form of damaged, dry, brittle hair or irritated scalp condition.
Having a healthy hair regime definitely makes a good impact on overall hair health!!

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