Dandruff is one of the scalp issues seen as flaking of the skin as white flakes all over the scalp or hair. High or continuous flaking of skin needs attention to control. 

Clinical Features of dandruff – 

  • Scalp flaking
  • Dry scalp
  • Scratching or itching on scalp
  • Some people get face acne due to excessive dandruff

Itchy scalp is also known as seborrheic dermatitis which is a severe form of dandruff. It could be due to improper hair wash after shampooing which leads to accumulation of shampoo contents on the scalp and then it leads to irritation, itching or painful scalp.

Excessive scalp flaking seen as an eczema and psoriasis of scalp. This type of dandruff usually causes social embarrassment.

Dandruff could cause due to –

  • Hard water exposure 
  • Using harsh chemicals on scalp
  • Climate change
  • Oily hair
  • Using turbans, cap, scarf or bandanas
  • Frequent exposure to lights  
  • Poor hair hygiene

It is necessary to seek treatment to control further flare up as soon as possible.